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Recycle Often, Recycle Right

Post Date:02/28/2017

You may be filling your recycling toter every week--but have you considered whether you’re recycling the right things?

Village recycling is collected in a single stream container, which means all recyclables go into one bin, whether they are paper, glass, plastic or aluminum. With so many types of plastics, containers, and other materials, it can be difficult to know what belongs in the recycling bin, and when people guess, they aren’t always guessing right. Currently the Village’s recycling contamination rate is 25%, which means that we’re guessing wrong a lot!  

In order to have a successful recycling program it’s important to get the right things into the recycling bin.  To do that, there are three basic rules to make sure you Recycle Often, Recycle Right:

recycling guidelines

  • Recycle all bottles, cans and paper--stick to the basicss
  • Keep items clean and dry--keep food and water our of recycling
  • No plastic bags--do not bag your recyclables to take them to the bin


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