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Proposed Intergovernmental Land Swap Would Benefit Elk Grove Village, Elk Grove Township

Post Date:05/17/2017

Elk Grove Village and Elk Grove Township are pleased to announce they are currently exploring an intergovernmental land swap of two equivalently valued properties in Elk Grove Village: 711 Chelmsford Lane and 600 Landmeier Road.

This potential partnership would be mutually beneficial for both government bodies, and will provide considerable value for Village and Township taxpayers. An exchange of properties would allow both organizations to improve operations and efficiency, while simultaneously preserving the character of surrounding neighborhoods, potentially retaining a valued daycare service, and improving compatibility with adjacent land uses.

The building at 600 Landmeier Road is currently an operating Public Works facility for the Village. The size of the property and facility layout do not meet the operational needs of a modern municipal Public Works Department. Additionally, this property is directly adjacent to residential properties. During winter storms and other emergency overnight operations, the high volume of trucks creates conflict with neighboring homeowners. 

Elk Grove Township is in the process of consolidating all operations into one facility to streamline Township services and improve overall efficiency. As part of its consolidation plan, the Township has received approval from voters to sell their youth services building at 401 W. Golf Road in Mount Prospect, the current headquarters at 2400 S. Arlington Heights Road in Arlington Heights, and the 711 Chelmsford property in order to bring all operations to a single location. The existing building and site at 600 Landmeier meets the office space, parking and operational needs for a consolidated Township facility. Locating all services in one location will also allow for reduced overall maintenance costs.

As part of the Village’s Elk Grove 2025 Long Range Infrastructure Plan, the Village plans to construct a larger, modernized Public Works Facility and will no longer have a use for the 600 Landmeier facility.  Following the proposed land swap, the Village would use the proceeds from the sale of 711 Chelmsford to help fund the construction of a new facility. With the cooperation of the Township, the Village would be able to continue operations until the new facility is complete.

The Township property at 711 Chelmsford includes an existing daycare, and is the site of Marshall Park. The Elk Grove Village Board supports maintaining this property as it currently exists, and a land swap provides an opportunity to help promote this purpose. The Village is working on a plan to ensure the existing park will remain, with an added goal of continuing the operation of a daycare in the building following the proposed land swap and subsequent sale of the property.

Mayor Johnson stated:

“This land swap is one of those rare cases where everyone feels that they are getting the best end of the deal. This is a win for the Village, the Township, our taxpayers, and neighboring property owners.”

Township Supervisor Mike Sweeney said:

“We were very fortunate that the timing of our efforts lined up to create this opportunity. Elk Grove Township is dedicated to the highest level of efficiency in government, and this possibility would be a big step forward in our efforts to continue to streamline our operations.”

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