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Village Storm (Updated 8/3/17)

Post Date:07/22/2017 6:00 AM

On Friday, July 21, the Village experienced a significant wind event damaging a considerable number of both public and private trees throughout the community. Since the storm, the Public Works Department has worked to remove branches and assists with the disposal of debris. Department Staff has commented throughout the cleanup operations on how encouraging it has been to witness the compassion of Village residents as they help their neighbors cleanup damage from the storm. While the readily apparent damage of broken limbs is over, there is still a need for continued inspection and care.

The Village will be undertaking the following tasks in the next few weeks:

  1. Inspection of all parkway trees in the heavy damage area for additional damage and will schedule those for trimming or in some instances removal.
  2. Inspection of younger trees to assess overall health and take corrective steps where needed.

The Village has six Certified Arborists working in the Public Works Department, which brings knowledge and training in tree care to our urban forest. You do not need to contact the Public Works Department; the assessment will be ongoing and additional actions will follow based upon the results.

The younger, recently planted trees in many cases had the leaves stripped from the tree by excessive winds. To protect the Village’s investment, these trees will be carefully evaluated and monitored. In most instances, the trees will marshal their resources and begin developing new leaves. In some cases, they will not or the trauma they suffered will cause the tree to fail. The Village carefully monitors the health of these trees to ensure that we are meeting our obligations under the warranty guarantee and making warranty replacement claims where appropriate.

If you are concerned about the health of your private property trees, we encourage you to seek tree care firms with Certified Arborists and a strong record of positive feedback from the Better Business Bureau or even trusted social media rating sites. Correctly trimmed and cared for trees are typically healthier and able to withstand extreme events better. This in turn helps to protect your property and safety.

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