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What You Need To Know About Energy Suppliers in Illinois

Post Date:01/23/2018

Did you know that in Illinois, there are at least 96 alternative retail electric suppliers (ARES) authorized to sell electricity in Illinois? Data shows their customers are paying higher prices than customers with traditional utilities such as ComEd. According to the Illinois Commerce Commission, ARES customers in the ComEd territory as a whole have paid more than $152 million more for electricity than traditional utility customers from June 1, 2016 through May 31, 2017.

The Illinois Attorney General urges residents to do the following before signing on with an ARES:

  • Do not share your utility bill to someone who comes to your door. A marketer must ask for written authorization to access your meter usage.

  • Request all marketing offers in writing and do not enroll on the spot, especially if someone comes to your door.

  • If you are interested in an alternative pricing plan (such as a variable rate), make sure that you read all of the fine print and that the lower rate is not just an introductory rate.

  • Be wary of any offer that promises or guarantees savings.

  • Always ask about any monthly fees or additional charges.

  • No alternative supplier is affiliated with or endorsed by your utility or the government. If you sign up for service with an alternative supplier, you are entering a new contact with a different company.

To find out more information on energy suppliers in our area, please go to (Elk Grove Village’s utility area is ComEd).

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