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Sanitary Sewer Cleaning: Elk Grove Blvd from Victoria Ln to Tonne Blvd

Post Date:03/13/2018

The week of March 12, Sheridan Plumbing and Sewer will begin cleaning Village sanitary sewer lines ahead of this year’s cured-in-place project.  The contractor will begin by cleaning the sanitary sewers along Elk Grove Blvd from Victoria Ln to Tonne Blvd.  The cleaning process along Elk Grove Blvd should be completed in approximately two weeks and result in no disruptions for Village residents.

Cured-in-place is a process utilized to reconstruct deteriorated sewer lines without time consuming, expensive and disruptive excavation.  Instead of digging up and replacing the old pipeline, the cured-in-place process provides for the insertion of a special lining inside the pipe, creating a new smooth-surfaced, long-lasting pipe within the old sewer. 

Insituform Technologies will begin the cured-in-place pipe process after their subcontractor Sheridan Plumbing and Sewer has cleaned the sewers of obstructions and debris. Property owners will receive notification ahead of the cured-in-place process starting. The project does not require any open excavation and has minimal impact on adjacent property owners.

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