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Sanitary Sewer Lining Project Update

Post Date:04/02/2018

Beginning the week of April 2, 2018, Insituform, a contractor hired by the Village will begin lining the sanitary sewers along Elk Grove Blvd from Victoria Ln (east intersection) to Tonne Blvd. The day before work begins, Insituform personnel will place a door hanger (language below) on each affected resident’s door which details the type of work taking place and scheduled work date.

Read more about this year’s Sanitary Sewer Lining project by clicking here.

           2018 Insituform Sanitary Sewer Lining Door Hanger

lnsituform is under contract by your local government to repair pipes without digging up your neighborhood. While the work is being performed, your sewer service connection will be temporarily sealed off. We need your cooperation to avoid backup of sewer water into your residence or business. To prevent water from escaping through any drain during the specified time period, turn off sump pumps which are connected to the sewer service and please do not wash clothes or dishes, take showers or baths or flush toilets.

If any problem occurs with your sewer service during this rehabilitation process, please visit our on-site representatives. If you have any questions after completion of the project, call the local representative listed below, not a plumber.

If you smell odors like plastic or glue inside your home during installation, it is perhaps the result of a dry or broken sewer trap.

Pour 1 gallon of water down all floor drains or any rarely used sinks/ tubs/toilets to ensure that a water barrier is maintained in the traps. If this does not prevent odors from entering your home, your trap may require repair. You may need to temporarily place plastic bags filled with water over the drain to prevent the backflow of odors or open windows to allow ventilation. If you continue to smell odors, please call the lnsituform representative.

Insituform Representative: Enrique Cortes (708) 670-2353


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