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Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl FAQ

Post Date:08/03/2018 5:00 PM

Since we announced that Elk Grove Village is sponsoring the 2018 Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl, so many people have reached out to us with excitement, curiosity, and questions about this unique marketing plan.  Below are the answers to a few of the most common questions we have received:

1. Why didn’t we name it the “Elk Grove Village Bahamas Bowl”? 

The Village has been advertising “Makers Wanted” for several years as a method of attracting manufacturing businesses into the community.  The Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl is a continuation of that campaign, and will tie into existing marketing materials and branding efforts.  “Elk Grove Village, IL” will appear as part of the Makers Wanted logo on the field and sidelines of the football game in December.

2. Why is Elk Grove spending $400,000 on advertising?  

Marketing and branding efforts are an important part of how the Village distinguishes itself from other communities to attract new businesses and redevelopment in order to keep our community modern and strong. 

The Village has been advertising with commercials during Chicago Cubs games and on local news shows for several years.  Sponsorship of a bowl game provided an opportunity to move from a successful regional campaign to reach a broader audience. For an additional $125,000 the Village is gaining national exposure to showcase our Business Park, which generates 80% of the Village’s revenues. 

The success of our business community is the reason Elk Grove Village is able to maintain such a low cost-of-living for residents compared to similar communities in the area.

3. What has the response been like so far? 

The first 24-hours following the announcement provided an unbelievable response.  News of the Elk Grove Village Business Park sponsoring a bowl game has appeared on radio, television, newspapers and blogs with local, national, and international audiences.  This coverage has brought the Elk Grove Village name to people across the nation and beyond, all before the college football season has even begun.  While the campaign has just launched, the Village will be monitoring the results of the campaign. 

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