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What is Composting?

Post Date:11/06/2018

Backyard Composting

Composting is a naturally occurring process that breaks down plant waste such as leaves, grass, and non-woody plant material into useful compost. This can be done outside through using a compost pile. Some basic requirements must be followed to ensure your compost pile is kept healthy and odor free.

  • Elk Grove Village only allows grass, leaves, non-woody plant material, and chipped wood in compost piles.
  • The depositing of garbage, food waste, pet waste, meat scraps, fat or grease or materials that may attract animals or pests to a compost pile is strictly prohibited.
  • A compost pile must be contained in some type of enclosure, which can be made of simple materials such as galvanized wire fencing or snow fence, boards, bricks, or cement blocks. You may also purchase a commercially constructed container.
  • Compostable material must be placed in such a way that the material will not become windblown.

Please be aware that compost piles are only permitted in rear yards, and cannot be located in a drainage easement.

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Compost Collection Service

Don't have time, but still want to improve the environment and dispose of food scraps? Green Dirt Compost is currently the only provider for a residential subscription compost collection service in our area.

The residential compost subscription service works similar to the old milk jug service. Clients are provided with a 5-gallon plastic bucket with a lid and place all of their compostable waste into the container. This container is picked up weekly, and replaced with a clean, empty container to use for the following week. The collected materials are then composted using a vemicompost system at the Green Dirt Compost’s Facility.

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