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Residential Burglary Warning

Post Date:01/16/2018

The northwest suburbs have seen a recent increase in residential burglary incidents.  Ruse burglaries do not involve forced entry and occur while the resident is home.  The offender(s) use deception to gain the trust of the resident in an effort to distract or confuse the resident. During the distraction the resident will leave the home unlocked and unoccupied to attend to some reported problem.  Many times the distraction involves tree trimming, water main breaks, or some other issue that requires “immediate” attention.  During the distraction another member of the burglary team will sneak into the home and commit a burglary.  

Ruse Burglars often impersonate Public Works or Utility employees, wearing safety equipment, carrying radios, and may provide false credentials.   Ruse burglaries are a favorite method of operation for residential burglars and often target senior citizens.

Below are some tips to prevent becoming a victim of a ruse burglary:

 • Never let a door-to-door sales or repair person inspect any part of your property. Ask for identification and phone their office to verify who they are.  Don't use any telephone numbers they provide as this may be part of their ruse.

 • Don't walk outside your home to have a solicitor "point out" repairs on you house. This is when an accomplice will enter your home to steal.

 • Never let persons inside your home -- even with you present.

 • Ruse burglars will often claim that they are already doing work for a neighbor and will give you a good deal.

• Often scammers will do their homework and will know your name or your neighbor's names to convince you that they are legitimate.

• Don't fall for fake referrals.

Please remember that solicitors are required to have a permit issued by Elk Grove Village.

The Elk Grove Village Police Department reminds all residents to report any suspicious behavior by calling 911. Often times burglary crews will drive around town looking for victims that leave doors open or unlocked  If someone shows up at your home unannounced and reports an issue that requires your immediate attention elsewhere close and lock door and contact 911 for a suspicious person report. Uniformed police officers will respond and verify the situation.

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