Welcome to the web home of EGTV Channel 6! EGTV is under the auspices of the Village of Elk Grove Village and is located at 901 Wellington Avenue inside the Village Public Safety and Administration Building. Our digital production facilities make EGTV look and sound better than ever before, as well as increase our capabilities. Our programming covers Elk Grove Village municipal government as well as Elk Grove Village news and events. An exceptional channel for an exceptional community!

Inside this site you'll find program schedules and descriptions, staff profiles, programming rules and regulations, and links to other municipal access TV stations around the country (How cool is THAT?). Just click on the buttons at the left of the screen and enjoy!


EGTV Streams Live on the Internet!


Due to software issues with EGTV's new playback system, the uploading of our most current programming will be delayed. You can see the latest Village Board and Park Board Meetings on YouTube at the links below:

Village Board Meeting - January 12, 2016

Village Board Meeting - January 26, 2016

Park Board Meeting - January 14, 2016

Park Board Meeting - January 28, 2016

Village Board Meeting - February 9, 2016

Park Board Meeting - February 11, 2016

Thanks for your patience.