Police Records Section & Alarm Information

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The Records Management Section is a function within the Support Services Division of the Police Department. Records Section personnel perform tasks such as record maintenance and dissemination, transcription of officers’ dictated reports, court jacket preparation, alarm ordinance and parking ticket program maintenance, and a variety of other clerical tasks.


Alarm Licensing and Fine Information:

  • Alarm users must obtain a valid license annually from the Village for each alarm site.
  • Alarm licensing fees are $25.00 annually for business properties and free for residential properties. (Alarm licensing fees are no longer assessed from the previous year.)
  • Residents are required to obtain a valid license annually, even though licenses are still free for residential properties,
  • The false alarm fee structure has been established to discourage non-event false alarms from diverting police resources away from the community.  Fines for residential and business false alarms are summarized below (per Village Ordinance 3-19-10): 
Number of False Alarms Per Licensed Year

 Fine per False Alarm

 1st through 3rd  $0
 4th and 5th  $100.00
 6th through 10th  $150.00
 11th through 15th  $200.00
 16th through 20th  $250.00
 Over 20  $350.00


Any alarm-related questions or concerns can be directed to the Senior Ordinance Control Clerk at (847) 357-4136.