Clearmont Bridge Proposed Improvements

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Elk Grove Village is currently in the preliminary engineering and environmental studies phase for the replacement of the Clearmont Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge over Salt Creek.  The proposed improvement consists of removal and replacement of the existing bridge and reconstruction of the asphalt path on either side of the bridge between Essex Road and Cypress Lane. 

The improvements will elevate the bridge and pathway profile to reduce path flooding frequency and provide more reliable and consistent access to the Salt Creek crossing after storm events.  The new bridge will be approximately 4 feet wider than the existing structure to provide better shared access for pedestrians and bicyclists.  New down lighting will be installed on the bridge and pathway for the safety of our residents.

The design will require the removal of some existing trees in the floodplain, but we will make every effort to avoid removal of large, mature trees.  The proposed design will seek to save the large maple and oak trees along the end of the existing path near Essex Road.  New trees will be planted on site to replace any removed trees.  The Village is currently pursuing grants to help fund the construction of this project.  During the project construction, the bridge and path will be closed and pedestrian and bike traffic will be detoured. 

Click here to view preliminary exhibits depicting the proposed project improvements and a project location map.

The Village is currently pursuing grants to help fund this project.

It is the policy of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and the Village of Elk Grove Village to provide all interested persons an opportunity to become acquainted with transportation projects of concern to them and to express their views at those stages of a proposed project when the flexibility to respond to those views still exists.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Brian Lovering, P.E., Chief Infrastructure Engineer at 847-734-8800 or at