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I-290 & Devon Avenue Gateway Sign

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Project Update - July 2018

The week of July 9, the landscaping contractor has completed the landscaping. The new sign is schedule to be erected the week of July 22nd.

I-290 Gateway Sign 3

Past Updates

The week of June 25, the contractor finished installing the final pre cast pieces on the sign’s foundation. Landscaping and site restoration work began this week and will be completed early next week. The installation of the LED Gateway Sign is now scheduled for the week of July 9th.  

The week of June 18, the contractor completed the bottom section of the precast installation this week. During transportation, the top precast section was damaged and required replacement. This piece will be installed Wednesday, June 27. The rain has delayed landscaping installation. The installation of the LED Gateway Sign is now scheduled for the week of July 2nd 

The week of June 11th, the contractor began the installation of the precast sections this week. Landscaping is scheduled to begin next week, followed by the installation of the LED Gateway Sign the week of June 25th.

The week of May 28th, the contractor is completing the rough grading in preparation for the installation of topsoil.  Overseeding of the I-290 right-of-way is anticipated to begin the following week.

The week of May 21st, the contractor backfilled the excavated area around the foundation wall. The final grading work was delayed due to the rain earlier in the week, but is anticipated to begin on Friday, May 25th and continue into the next week.

The week of May 7th, the contractor worked to install the foundation underdrain. The underdrain is a perforated drainpipe that moves ground water away from the foundation. Work on the sewer pipe relocation will continue into the week of May 14th.

The contractor completed the stonework for the sign foundation and column the week of April 30th.

I-290 Gateway Sign 2

Masonry work began on Thursday, April 26. The masonry work involves installing stone facing on the foundation. The electrical contractor is scheduled to begin boring under Devon Avenue to install 3" conduit for electrical service to the new sign.

Gateway Sign's Concrete Foundation

I-290 Gateway Sign

March 2018 - Schaefges Brothers, Inc. began the construction of the Gateway Sign on the southeast corner of Devon Ave and I-290.  The work included installing the silt fence, removing the topsoil, excavating and drilling for the (6) six sign shafts, and pouring the concrete footings. The forms for the sign's footings are being framed and are scheduled to be completed by the end of March.   

Project Overview

As a component to investing into the Community, the Village will be installing a gateway sign at the southeast corner of Interstate 290 and Devon Avenue. This gateway sign will highlight the Village to all northbound I-290 users. Construction will begin this spring.      

Rendering of Future I-290 & Devon Ave Sign

I-290 Sign Rendering