2018 Street Maintenance Program

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Residential Street Maintenance Program Update - Coming Soon

Project Overview


MFT and Business Park Resurfacing 2018 Version 2

The Village's 2018 Street Maintenance Program consists of curb and sidewalk rehabilitation, pavement patching, and resurfacing along 3.8 miles of residential and 1.8 miles of business park streets as noted below. Construction on the roadways listed below should begin in spring and will be completed by the end of the summer .The initial phase of the project replaces deteriorated curb, sidewalk, and storm sewer structures. The next phase will be milling the pavement surface and patching severe pavement cracks. The final phase will be placing the new asphalt surface layer. Just prior to laying this final asphalt layer, the street will be sprayed with a tack coat. Fresh oil signs will be posted during this phase so residents are reminded to travel slowly on the tack-coated surface.

Residential Streets to be Resurfaced

  • Cypress Ln         Walnut Ln to Reverend Morrison Blvd
  • Clearmont Ln     Westview Dr to End
  • Cosman Rd         Chelmsford Ln to Winston Dr
  • Leicester Rd       Wellington Ave to Winston Dr
  • Revere Ln           Gibson Ln to Vermont Dr
  • Pebble Beach Cir  University Ln to University Ln
  • Greensboro Ct     Pebble Beach Cir to End
  • Fern Dr               Clearmont Ln to Ridge Rd
  • Brookhaven Dr     Cypress Ln to Ridge Rd
  • Borman Ct           West Glenn Trl to West Glenn Trl
  • Conrad Ct            West Glenn Trl to West Glenn Trl
  • Lovell Ct              West Glenn Trl to West Glenn Trl
  • Cernan Ct            Grissom Trl to Grissom Trl
  • Cunningham Cir    South Glenn Trl to End
  • Schirra Cir            Biesterfield Rd to End
  • Young Cir              White Trl to End
  • Collins Cir             White Trl to End
  • Stafford Cir          White Trl to End

Business Park Streets to be Resurfaced

  • Crossen Ave       Brummel Ave to Oakton St
  • Lively Blvd         Higgins Rd to End
  • Pagni Dr             Lively Blvd to End
  • Garlisch Dr         Lively Blvd to End
  • Seegers Ave       Oakton St to Higgins Rd
  • McCabe Ave       Touhy Ave to Landmeir Rd
  • Cambirdge Ave   Jarvis Ave to Landmeir Rd
  • Jarvus Ave         Busse Rd   to Cambridge Ave