Parkway Restorations

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Village's Parkway Restoration Program

Once the parkway adjacent to your property has been hydro-seeded, you will receive a green door titled Your Parkway Has Been Hydro-Seeded . The door hanger provides basic information about hydro-seeding and tips regarding caring for the hyrdo-seeded area.  PLEASE NOTE - The Village's Contractor will water the newly hydro-seeded area for three weeks following the seeds application.

Approximately three weeks after the parkway has been hydro-seeded the Village will inspect the location to determine whether or not the seed has properly established itself.  Upon the Village's review you will receive one of two door hangers informing of the Village's determination:

Parkway Restoration Accepted - This will be a green piece of paper informing you the hydro-seeded lawn has been properly established. The maintenance of the restored parkway is now returned to the responsibility of the homeowner.

Parkway Restoration NOT Accepted - This will be a pink piece of paper informing you the hydro-seeded lawn did not properly establish itself. The Contractor will be returning during the following planting season (Spring or Fall) to restore the location and apply a new application of hydro-seed. Due to the extreme high and low temperatures of summer and winter, hydro-seed applications will not be applied during the summer or winter.

Caring for Your Recently Repaired Lawn

The Village’s Public Works Department has hydro-seeded an area in the parkway adjacent to your property.  Hydro-seeding is an effective means to apply grass seed for rapid growth and turf establishment.

The success of grass seed depends on thorough watering during and after establishment.  The Village’s contractor will water the seeded area as needed during a three week establishment period.  Please note they may not water if there is approximately one inch of rain during the week.

Please wait to mow the grass until it is well established and has reached a height of approximately 3 inches.

After the establishment period, maintenance of the parkway is the responsibility of the homeowner.  To ensure a healthy lawn, we recommend that during the first year you continue to water the newly planted grass once or twice a week between June and September.

Sprinkling should comply with the Village’s water restriction ordinance of weekdays from 5PM to 10PM, and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

Please avoid the use of fertilizers and weed killers in this area for one year.

If you have any questions, please contact Public Works - Land and Forestry at: (847)734-8800.