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Lively Boulevard (Landmeier Road and Higgins Road) – Pavement Maintenance

Post Date:09/27/2018 9:49 AM

On Saturday, September 29th  CAM, LLC is scheduled to apply a preservative sealant on Lively Boulevard from Landmeier Road to Higgins Road. The preservative sealant helps to reduce pavement deterioration.

Pavement deterioration usually begins due to a combination of traffic loads and the effects of moisture penetrating the pavement. As a pavement ages and additional cracking develops, more moisture can enter the pavement and accelerate the rate of deterioration. Preventative maintenance treatments can extend the life of a pavement when applied to it in good condition. In the effort to be proactive and extend the Village’s investment into our roadway infrastructure, the Village will be applying a preservative seal (Reclamite) to Lively Boulevard.

Reclamite is an emulsion of specific petroleum oils and resins designed to restore the asphalt’s original flexibility properties. It helps to seal out moisture from penetrating the pavement. It is recommended to apply the treatment at least one year after the roadway has been resurfaced. This treatment has been used successfully by surrounding communities to extend pavement life. This section of Lively Boulevard was resurfaced last summer and is an ideal candidate to receive the Village’s first application of Reclamite. Village staff will evaluate the process as Reclamite is implemented as part of the Village’s annual street maintenance program. Travelers may notice the road appear pink immediately after the Reclamite is applied. The application dries clear, typically taking between 30-40 minutes.

Treatment FAQ:

How long does the process take?   

Once the contractor begins on your street, the process will only take a few hours.  Once the road has been sanded the road will be fully opened to traffic.

When can I drive on the road?

You can exit your driveway and drive through the work area at any time, but please go slow and stay on the sanded area.  Be advised that driving onto a driveway before the contractor is finished sanding may cause the driveway and sidewalk to become temporarily stained. 

When will the road be cleaned up?

After the product is applied, an application of limestone screenings/sand will be applied to the road.  This is not permanent. The screenings/sand will be swept up a day or two after the product is applied. 

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