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Door to Door Solicitors

Post Date:01/21/2019 2:32 PM

All persons seeking to solicit within our Village, other than religious or political organizations that are protected under the First Amendment, are required to apply for a Certificate of Registration with the Village. This does not include people who are exclusively distributing flyers. Although the Village registers solicitors it does not endorse or support the company or product being solicited.

Village Ordinance requires the individual to apply with the Village Clerk’s Office prior to doing any door-to-door business in the Village. The Village reviews the application and conducts a background check of each individual. Upon approval, the applicant is issued a Solicitor Identification Card, which must be visibly displayed at all times while soliciting in the Village. Identification cards include a photo of the solicitor, their name and permit expiration date. Uninvited solicitors or suspicious individuals who cannot provide proof of solicitor registration should be reported immediately by calling 9-1-1. Current registered solicitors can be viewed on the Village website and in the My Elk Grove Village app.

No solicitor, whether registered with the Village or not, is permitted to engage in “soliciting” prior to 9 a.m. or after 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, or at any time on Sundays or on a state or national holidays.

Residents may display a “No Solicitor Invited” sign upon or near the main entrance door of their residence as notice to any solicitor that the occupant does not wish to interact with the solicitor. “NO SOLICITORS INVITED” decals are available at the Village Clerk’s Office. Residents may contact the Village Clerk at 847-357-4040 for further information.

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