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Reporting Coyote Sightings

Post Date:03/18/2019 3:30 PM

Over the past few months, the Village has received reports from residents with concerns about increased coyote activity in populated areas. While not all coyote sightings are cause for concern, our top priority is keeping our residents and pets safe. The Village is taking a proactive step to strategically address coyote issues or concerns by partnering with Scientific Wildlife Management.  Scientific Wildlife Management has worked with many municipalities throughout the Chicagoland Area and is led by Rob Erikson, one of the nation’s leading experts on the topic of urban coyote management. 

The Village has hired Scientific Wildlife Management to understand, monitor, and manage the coyote population within Elk Grove Village.  We ask that residents report any coyote concerns, issues, or contacts to Scientific Wildlife Management.  They will review the information that residents provide such as location, physical condition of the coyote, and the behavior of the coyote in order to identify any coyotes that displays unusual or threatening behavior.

Most of the time, coyotes that display unusual or threatening behavior are diseased and sick. Many suffer from Sarcoptic Mange and Heartworm, among other injuries and ailments. In addition, many coyotes appear to have become habituated, which means that they have lost some of their natural fear of humans. This habituation is sometimes due to people feeding coyotes. The feeding of wild animals such as coyote can cause them to lose their natural fear of humans and can sometimes result in aggressive behavior towards people.

We ask that you report any and all unusual coyote behavior to Scientific Wildlife Management so that they can accurately investigate coyote concerns.

Additionally, we would like to remind residents to:

1. Never feed coyotes or wild animals.

2. Never leave pet food/water outside.

3. Never put meat, fish, bones, dairy products, grease, or oil into compost piles.

4. Never leave pets outside without supervision.

5. Place all food in sealed garbage cans.

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