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What Your Tree May be Experiencing this Season

Post Date:06/19/2019 11:16 AM

This spring has been particularly rough on area trees and landscaping. The Chicago area has experienced an unusual number of rain showers, including over 8 inches of rain in May alone.  Trees like damp soil, but do not like drenched conditions that were common in much of the area this spring.  Tree roots gather oxygen from the ground, and if the ground is constantly saturated, trees can be deprived of oxygen and become more prone to disease. 

Spring has been wetter than average this year causing various problems for our trees and landscaping—but the problems are not permanent. Issues that have been observed in the community include Tar Spots, Leaf Drop, Cedar- Apple Rust, Phomopsis Blight (browning of Evergreens), and Apple Scab.

Additionally, the cooler temperatures and moist ground conditions are favorable for a number of insects that cause cosmetic issues for trees such as Scales, Japanese Beatles and Gal. To learn more about these common issues please click on the helpful information below:

Tar Spots

Common Diseases 

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