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Weekly Construction Update

Post Date:06/27/2020 10:00 AM

This information provides an update on the construction projects taking place in Elk Grove Village. Please note that planned construction operations are subject to change due to weather and contractor availability.


This week, Martam Construction completed work on the median enhancements by planting trees and perennials, placing mulch, and completing pavement markings. The contractor will finish clean up and any remaining punch list items over the next two weeks.    


Next week, K-Five Construction will place permanent pavement markings and begin working on the decorative crosswalk and median installations.  Rain showers prevented this work from taking place this week as originally scheduled.  The contractor also continues to water the sod restoration daily.  This project is scheduled to be completed by the end of July, daily lane closures along Nerge Road should be expected for the project’s duration.


This week, Arrow Road Construction completed concrete work on the first side of Wildwood Road, Lindale Street, Charing Cross Road, Edgeware Road, Sussex Court, and Middlebury Lane.  The contractor also began concrete work in Keswick Road area on one side of the streets.  This work will continue on the second side of the streets next week.  After all the concrete work is completed, roadway patching and repaving will take place. This project is scheduled to be completed by the end of August.      


This week, Builders Paving began roadway pavement removal on Vermont Drive, Gibson Lane, Newberry Drive, and Julie Drive.  The entire asphalt roadway has been removed in preparation for a new roadway base repair process called Full Depth Reclamation.  FDR will take the existing roadway stone base which is in poor condition, grind it up in place, and adds cement to stabilize the material, leaving a new stabilized base to place the new roadway pavement on.  This is a moving operation that will allow residents access to their driveways at the completion of each workday.  The FDR process is a time and money saver, as the existing base is recycled in place.  Traditionally, the poor base would have to be removed which is a slow and costly process.  For the next few weeks, traffic will be driving on stone and temporary ramps will be constructed to keep access to driveways at the end of each workday.  This project is scheduled to be completed by October, and flaggers will be present to direct traffic around construction operations.


This week, Gerardi Sewer and Water Co. worked at the intersection of Tanglewood Road and Ridgewood Road to tie-in the new water main to our existing system. The contractor returned to the Crest Avenue water main and began installing new water service piping to residences between Ridgewood Road and Woodcrest Lane. On Thursday, a second crew began installing a new 8” water main working eastward along Ridgewood Road from the intersection at Willow Lane. Next week, the contractor will continue water main installation along Ridgewood Road to Wildwood Road. Following that, the contractor will pressure test and chlorinate the new water main. The other crew will continue with water service piping installation along Crest Avenue and once complete will drop back to complete 3 system tie-ins at Crest Avenue and Ridgewood Road, Woodcrest Avenue, and Wildwood Road. Temporary road closures at intersections can be expected at this time.


This week, Prime Construction completed storm sewer installation between the rear yards of California Street and Colorado Lane. The contractor relocated late in the week to Michigan Lane and Schooner Lane, the third and final site of the 2020 program, to begin storm sewer installation. A return trip was made to Crest Avenue and Willow Lane to complete sodding of disturbed areas.    Next week, the contractor will continue installation along the Schooner Lane corridor until complete and then shift gears to focus on restoration efforts along the site as well as California Street corridor. All work is expected to be completed by the end of next week weather permitting.


This week, the contractor began installing the permeable pavers as part of the Rotary Green Parking Lot Expansion project. The contractor is scheduled to continue finishing the parking lot expansion next week, followed by the installation of the new parking lot lights. 

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