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General Profile

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Counties Cook and DuPage
Incorporation July 17, 1956 with a population of 116
Land Area 10.9 Square Miles
(Residential 5.5 Square Miles)
(Industrial 5.4 Square Miles)
Population 33,127 (2010 Census)
Number of Registered Voters 19,508
Median Age of Resident 42.4 years
Average Persons Per Household 2.6 persons
Median Family Income $71,834/year (est.)
Bond Rating (S&P) AA+
Motor Vehicles Registered 3,296 Trucks
18,791 Automobiles
315 Motorcycles
17 Recreation Vehicles
4,761 Seniors and Handicapped
32 Dealer Plates
Average Temperatures 71.0 F Summer
28.0 F Winter
Average Annual Rainfall 36.88"
Average Annual Snowfall 37"
Elevation above Sea Level (Avg.) 700 ft.
(Min.) 660 ft.
(Max.) 740 ft.
Miles of Streets
Miles of Sidewalk
Number of Hydrants
Number of Water Valves
Miles of Sewer Main
Miles of Water Main