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Are Your Tenants In Compliance?

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Landlords, Are Your Tenants In Compliance?

Over the past few years, the Village has discovered a number of businesses that signed lease contracts, opened businesses and performed building renovations without prior consent or approval from The Village of Elk Grove.

It is vital that property owners advise their tenants of the importance of checking first with the Village on issues such as business usage and renovations. Performing such activities prior to complying with Village rules and regulations can create significant financial hardships – work completed has to be redone or removed and businesses are forced to close down.

To prevent these hardships from happening, we would like to remind our local property owners that Elk Grove Village has policies and procedures that need to be followed regarding leases and renovations.

Please advise your tenants about these policies, procedures, and ensure that they obtain the proper permits if they are going to do any work in their space.

If the Village determines that the policies and procedures are not followed, the Village will issue citations to the property owners. These citations will be reviewed through the Village’s adjudication process. Fines levied against property owners could be as much as $500, and should that business continue to operate without the necessary approvals those fines of up to $500 per day can be levied.

Please be a good landlord and direct your tenants to the Department of Engineering & Community Development to ensure that they follow the proper procedures when doing business in Elk Grove Village.