Business Leaders Forum

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The Village is excited to continue developing the recently formed Business Leaders Forum (BLF) program
and invites local businesses to consider joining.

The BLF is a collaboration between the Village and the private sector to leverage the collective expertise and resources present in the Village's business community.

With business occupancy at an all-time high, the Village developed the BLF to ensure that business owners and operators have the tools and relationships they need to accelerate the growth of their companies.

The BLF has a full schedule of networking and knowledge sharing events planned throughout the year. The BLF's quarterly programs are being hosted and facilitated by Enclave for Entrepreneurs in Elk Grove Village. The programs include quarterly networking events and business ambassador visits. If you are a current business owner or an aspiring local entrepreneur and are interested in participating, contact Josh Grodzin, Director of Business Development and Marketing at 847-357-4005 or

The BLF is the reformulated version of the Industrial and Commercial Revitalization Commission.