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Residential Housing Inspections

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Village inspectors conduct exterior reviews of homes under the Residential Inspection Program, checking 11 general areas to assure that exterior surfaces and surroundings are up to code.

This checklist will help you keep your property in good condition. How does your home measure up?

Address Numbers - Address numbers must be easily seen from the street. Arabic numerals should be at least 3 inches high and half an inch in width.

Exterior Surfaces - Siding, soffit, and fascia must be free of holes and rotting materials and be properly painted and weatherproofed.

Doors - Doors and door frames must be in good condition and weather-tight.

Windows - Glass cannot have cracks or holes. Window frames must be in good condition and weather-tight.

Roofs - There cannot be missing shingles or any defects that would allow rain or snow to leak through the roof, or any signs of sagging.

Gutters - Gutters, if installed, must be in good repair and anchored to the roof, with leaders and downspouts properly connected and free of obstruction.

Accessory Structures - Accessory structures are decks, sheds, detached garages, fences, porches, pools, and retaining walls. These structures must be structurally sound and in good repair.

Driveways/Walkways - Driveways and walkways must be kept in repair, (for example, no serious cracks, deterioration, or settlement that might cause someone to trip).

Brick Veneer - Brick veneer must be structurally sound and have no missing bricks, mortar, or excessive cracks.

Trees and Bushes - Trees and bushes cannot overhang the public sidewalk.

Right-of-way Obstructions - Nothing from your property (except mailboxes.) can hang over or be kept in the public right-of-way (generally from the inner sidewalk line to the curb). Vehicles are permitted to overhang the walk, but residents are discouraged from doing so.

Inspections will be conducted from the sidewalk and adjacent streets or, where permission is granted, from the property itself.