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Grass & Weed Ordinance

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Grass & Weeds

Residents and businesses must provide reasonable controls to restrict the excessive growth of weeds, grasses, and other noxious vegetation. The allowance of excessive growth of certain vegetation is noxious, unsightly, and offensive to the residential and commercial development in the Village, and is offensive to the general public health, safety, and welfare of the community.

Height Restrictions
It shall be a nuisance and therefore unlawful for any person to allow excessive growth of vegetation on any property, easement, or right of way within the Village, including the area located between the property line and the curb or edge of roadway.  Excessive growth shall mean vegetation which is more than six (6) inches in height on developed or improved properties, or more than eight (8) inches in height on undeveloped/vacant parcels. 

Notice to Remove
The property owner or other responsible person of property in the Village shall be responsible for the abatement of any excessive growth of vegetation. The property owner or other responsible person will be required to abate the nuisance within seven (7) days after receiving a proper notice from the Village. If the person receiving the notice does not abate the nuisance within seven (7) days the Village may proceed to abate the nuisance (cut the grass and/or weeds) keeping an account of the expense of the abatement and such expense shall be charged to and paid by the property owner or occupant

To report issues related to tall grass, weeds, or other vegetation please call the Environmental Health Division at (847) 357-4240.