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Rules & Regulations

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EGTV Channel 6 Programming Guidelines & Policies

Mission Statement: The primary programming mission of Elk Grove Television is to provide residents with Elk Grove Village municipal and community information on a timely basis in an entertaining and informative way.

 Production of Programming

  1. Programming from the Village of Elk Grove Village will always be EGTV's first priority. Program requests from outside governmental agencies will be handled on an as-time-permits basis. Requestors are advised that the primary purpose of Channel 6 is governmental programming. Persons desiring to cablecast non-governmental programming can do so on Comcast Cable's Public Access Channel 19.
  2. Any programming requests from other government entities or non-municipal governmental agencies must be made in writing or by e-mail at least one (1) month in advance and a decision will be made by EGTV staff within one (1) week of the request. Programs produced for non-municipal entities will be event coverage or promotion/public service announcements only since alternative Public Access cablecasting is available through Comcast. EGTV will not produce series programming for non-municipal entities. Requests for live programming will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Event coverage will be evaluated by EGTV staff to determine whether single or multi-camera coverage is warranted. EGTV staff will determine camera placement, control room set-up, audio placement, cable runs and all other remote production decisions.
  4. Programming produced by EGTV staff and facilities is for viewing on EGTV Comcast Cable Channel 6, the village's live stream at or its on-demand site at ONLY. All programming produced by EGTV is the property of the Village of Elk Grove Village, and must be considered copyrighted material. The Cable Production Coordinator must approve in writing and in advance any distribution of EGTV programming for airing or public use outside of EGTV Channel 6.
  5. Videotape/DVDs/media files used by EGTV to produce programming will remain the Property of EGTV, and masters on EGTV programming will not be released from the facility.

Scheduling of Programs

  1. Scheduling of programming on EGTV Channel 6 will be handled according to the following priority schedule: Committee of the Whole/Village Board Meetings, special municipal government meetings, municipal programs, event coverage, other programming.
  2. EGTV will not guarantee time slots for non-Elk Grove Village programming, but will endeavor to find the best program slot possible. Prime time slots (approx. 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM) will be used primarily for municipal programming.


  1. EGTV will provide a maximum of 3 dubs of EGTV programming per person at a rate of $5.00 per dub. Dubs will only be made on DVD discs at a maximum of one (1) program per tape excepting public service announcements/promos.
  2. Portions of programs or raw footage will not be dubbed for the public; finished programs only. Except when raw footage needs to be archived for future use, all raw footage will be recycled once a program is complete.


Corporations located in the Village may sponsor programming on Elk Grove Television Channel 6 for a fee as determined by Channel 6. Elk Grove Television will acknowledge the corporation sponsoring the program at the beginning of the program.

The sponsorship message will be displayed in writing and by sound to the audience. Federal law prohibits any sponsor having a "call to action" in its sponsorship message, so Channel 6 will limit sponsorship messages to the following:

"The following program has been sponsored by [name of corporation], serving the Village since [date]."

Elk Grove Television - Channel 6 Program Guide (alpha-numeric message) Policy

EGTV will accept written or e-mailed requests to display messages on the Channel 6 Program Guide (message board) from other governmental or not-for-profit entities based in Elk Grove Village or events of a non-profit entity taking place in Elk Grove Village. All sign requests must be made at least seven (7) days before the requested posting date. The Village reserves the right to edit all messages. EGTV will utilize the following policy guidelines for determining the display of messages:

  1. As with regular EGTV programming, municipal messages and information will always be first priority, followed by EGTV programming information and then information from other entities as time and space permit. Messages will be posted on a first come-first served basis.
  2. Messages must be of general interest to the community. No personal messages will be posted.
  3. Non-profit organizations that serve Elk Grove Village residents may submit messages in writing or by e-mail for the program guide, but EGTV will not guarantee that the message will appear on the program guide or for how long it will appear, although every effort will be made to do so. The correct spelling of proper names and places and correct dates and information are the responsibility of the submitting entity and not of EGTV. Messages will be edited by EGTV staff for time and space considerations.
  4. No religious or political messages will be posted.
  5. Displays must be of interest to the general community and to large numbers of persons.
  6.  No solicitation of funds is allowed except for EGTV's own purposes.
  7. There shall be no displays on the message board pertaining to commercial sponsored interests even when such a request relates to a charitable function. Corporations may sponsor programming on Channel 6 and that sponsorship will be acknowledged at the start of the program. Program sponsorship will not be acknowledged in the Channel 6 message board. No for-profit advertising is allowed on Channel 6.
  8. EGTV reserves the right to preempt approved messages and reschedule the messages to a later date.
  9. All messages originating from operating departments are to be approved by the Village Manager's office.
  10. Messages found to be in violation of the above guidelines will be pulled off immediately.

All decisions concerning programming issues will be coordinated by the Village's Cable Production Coordinator, who has ultimate responsibility.