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Liquor Licensing

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New Applicants

Application for a Liquor License is made through the Village Clerk’s Office. For more information regarding obtaining a liquor license, please contact the Village Clerk at (847) 357-4042.

Liquor Licensing

Businesses currently in possession of a liquor license are required to renew the license on an annual basis. Renewal of the liquor license may be done in conjunction with renewal of the standard business license, which is due no later than June 1.

The fee structure as of May 31, 2012, for liquor licensing is as follows:

Liquor License Class  Annual Fee 
Class A  $2,900 
Class AA  $1,500 
Class AAA  $1,000 
Class AB  $   150 
Class B $2,700
Class D $2,100
Class DD $1,500
Class E $2,500
Class F $ -
Class G $ -
Class H $1,000
Class MB $2,000 
Class RR $2,700