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Transfer Stamp Exemptions

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There are certain exemptions to the real estate transfer tax. For a complete list of exemptions, please refer to Village Code 3-2-5-F that addresses the real estate transfer tax, or the back of the real estate declaration form. Please note that when applying for an exemption, sufficient proof of all facts necessary to establish the specific claimed exemption must be provided.

Grantors/sellers seeking exemptions must submit the following:

  1. Elk Grove Village Real Estate Tax Declaration Form: This form must be fully completed and include two signatures. Acceptable signatures are: buyer, buyer's agent, seller, and seller's agent or an attorney may sign for both parties. If completing the form online, four (4) printed and signed copies of the form must be provided to fulfill recording requirements.

  2. Copy of the New Deed: An unexecuted copy of the deed will be accepted to purchase the stamp; however, a copy of the signed deed must be forwarded to the Finance Department within 10 days after the closing.

  3. Water/Sewer Affidavit: Fill out top three lines as well as the forwarding address of the grantor is required on this form.

Please note: All utility bills and other outstanding debts due to the Village must be paid in full prior to the real estate exempt stamp issuance.

Additionally, there is a $10 handling fee per exempt stamp. For additional information, please contact the Finance Department at (847) 439-3900.