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Vehicle Stickers for Businesses

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Elk Grove Village has eliminated residential vehicle stickers, however vehicle stickers are still required for businesses. 

Every business must provide a vehicle sticker for each vehicle registered or housed to an address within the corporate limits of Elk Grove Village (Village Code 6-2-2). Vehicle stickers go on sale beginning in mid-April each year and must be displayed in the lower passenger-side corner of the windshield no later than June 1. Vehicles that do not have a sticker displayed by June 1 and are registered or housed with Elk Grove Village are subject to citation.

For new vehicles for businesses, stickers are required within 30 days of purchasing the vehicle or establishing an address within Elk Grove Village.

2020/2021 Vehicle Sticker Fee Schedule

On or Before June 1 

After June 1 

Passenger Cars $25  $37.50 
Recreational Vehicle  $30  $45 
Trucks (gross weight of vhicle including maximum load) $50 - $155  $75 - $232.50 
School Bus  $60  $90 
Motor Bicycle or Scooter (<155cc displacement)  $20  $30 
Motorcycle (>150cc displacement)  $25  $37.50 
Dealer Plate  $25  $37.50 
Antique Vehicle  $3  $4.50 


If you trade-in your vehicle or replace your windshield during the sticker season, remove the current sticker from the window and return it for a $3 transfer sticker. Alternatively, apply the removed sticker to the new vehicle and call the Finance Department to update vehicle information at no charge. Without the return of the old sticker, your replacement sticker will be full price. Lost or misplaced stickers are not eligible for the $3 transfer rate – replacements are at original cost.

Business that have previously purchased vehicle stickers will be mailed an application in mid-April. For more information on vehicle stickers, convenient submission methods or to obtain and application, please visit the Vehicle Sticker Application page.

Pet Tags No Longer Required

Pet owners in Elk Grove Village are no longer required to license their pets with the Village, following a vote by the Village Board to eliminate the pet licensing requirement in January, 2016. With the increase in microchipping, the Village pet licensing system had become outdated and redundant. Pet owners are still required to have their pets vaccinated against rabies and get a tag as proof, as required by Cook County.