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Recruiting Information

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Current Recruitment: Closed 

The application process for the position of Police Officer is currently Closed.

If you have a specific question or concerns, please feel free to contact the Fire and Police Commission at (847) 357-4038 or email

Preparing For a Career in Law Enforcement:

Are you interested in a career in Law Enforcement?

It is never too early or too late to start preparing for a career in law enforcement.  If you are under the age of 18, and you are interested in a career in law enforcement, here are some things you can do:

Gain Education/Experience

The Elk Grove Police Village Department requires potential recruit police officer candidates to possess 60 semester hours from an accredited university or college or must have served 24 months of active duty or 180 days of combat duty as designated by the Department of Defense in the United States Armed Forces, and have not been discharged under circumstances other than honorable.

These units do not have to be focused on a Criminal Justice or Administration of Justice major. Some of the various degrees currently held by Elk Grove Village Police Officers are: Biology, Business, and History.

Know the Job

What you see in the movies is not the real story. An episode of "Real-Life Stories" or "Cops" only touches one small portion of the job. Educate yourself by going on a "ride-along" with your local law enforcement agency. The Elk Grove Village Police Department's ride-along program allows authorized participants to accompany a patrol officer in his/her patrol vehicle for half of their shift. You will respond to a variety of service calls with that officer. You will see and hear everything that the officer does during your ride-along. It could be a busy night and you might get exposed to a lot of different situations, or it could be a slow night, and you may get the chance to ask the officer job-related questions. It would be the most realistic exposure to law enforcement. You may find yourself more excited about the prospect of becoming a police officer, or you may realize that becoming a police officer is not for you. Either way, it is a learning experience you won't soon forget.

Please contact Sgt. Julian at 847-357-4169 or if you would like to set up a ride-along.

Know the Process

Getting a job in law enforcement takes time and patience once you turn in your application. We want to make sure we hire the best candidates, and besides the written, physical, and oral examinations, potential candidates must undergo a thorough background check, polygraph test, psychological exam, medical exam, and interviews prior to getting hired.