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Requesting a Speed Trailer

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The Elk Grove Village Police Department is dedicated to the safety of the community and recognizes speeding vehicles on residential streets create hazardous situations, which could result in tragic consequences.

In an effort to help dissuade this potentially dangerous behavior, the Elk Grove Village Police Traffic Section has been utilizing speed calming trailers and sign boards to make motorists aware of these hazards. Currently, this special equipment has been deployed in areas routinely associated with speeding infractions. However, did you know residents are able to request a speed trailer in their neighborhood?

Village residents  have the opportunity to request speed calming devices be temporarily placed on their street. Through their use, the Police Department hopes motorists will be more cognizant of their speed. Please submit your request via e-mail to the Elk Grove Village Traffic Section Sergeant for consideration with the following information:

     -Contact Phone Number
     -Street where device is being requested
     -Direction of travel to be monitored
     -Time of day when vehicles are speeding

*Traffic calming devices will be deployed based on availability.