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Water Meter Upgrade Program

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*Please note that the videos on this page were made before the Coronavirus Pandemic, and the program is currently voluntary and not mandatory

Update 05/01/20-Program Reactivated on Voluntary Basis and by Appointment Only

On May 1st, the Village's Water Meter Upgrade Program was restarted. At this time, scheduling an appointment to upgrade your water meter is voluntary. During the appointment, a plumber will need to enter your home to upgrade your water meter. The plumbers are screened each day, will be maintaining social distancing, and be wearing proper personal protective equipment. Residents can schedule an appointment by calling 866-931-2199 or going online at

Program Overview

Elk Grove Village is embarking on a program that will replace about 10,600 manual read water meters with new radio read meters.  The modern meters will replace older, mechanical units with new technology that will help identify high water usage and potential leaks.  The new meters will result in smarter water use for customers, and enhanced water conservation opportunities. The new meters and remote will automatically transmit data wirelessly and eliminate the need for Village staff to manually read each meter.  This allows the Village to operate more efficiently and reduce costs by preventing recording errors and eliminating time-consuming manual meter reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Village begin installing new meters?
Why is Elk Grove Village installing and modernizing water meters?
Who will be installing the new water meter?
Do you have to enter my home/business to change my water meter?
Will my water bill increase with the new water meter?
What will be different about my water bill with the new meter?
I just received my first water bill after getting a new meter installed, and my water consumption looks a little higher than usual. Why is this?
Who can I talk to with questions about my water billing?
Are there health risks associated with the new meter's radio frequencies?