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Vermont Dr., Newberry Dr., and Gibson Dr. Roadway Improvement

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Project Description

The rehabilitation of Vermont Drive (Gibson Drive to Meacham Road), Newberry Drive (Julie Drive to Revere Lane), Gibson Drive (Revere Lane to Biesterfield Road) & Gibson Drive (California Street to Vermont Drive). These roadways  improvements will include pavement, curb and sidewalk rehabilitation, drainage structure repairs, and pavement markings. Also, as part of this project Liberty Court, Stowe Circle, Concord Lane, and Yale Court will be resurfaced.  

  • Start Date: May 2020
  • Est. Completion Date: October 2020
  • Project Cost: $1,442,000
  • Contractor: Builders Paving, LLC
  • Project Manager: Jeff Maczko P.E.
  • Location: See Above
  • Project Impacts: During construction deteriorated curbs and sidewalks will be removed and replaced. Access to driveways  may be temporarily unavailable to facilitate concrete work, and any impacts to your driveway will be communicated to you at a future date. The roadway will remain open to two-way traffic, however delays due to construction equipment and workers should be expected. Trash collection and mail delivery will remain uninterrupted during this project.   

Construction Updates 

07/10/20: This week, Builders Paving completed roadway pavement removal on Newberry Drive and Julie Drive. Also, the first lift of asphalt paving was completed on all areas that were down to stone.  Next week, the contractor will pave the final surface of the roadways. Prior to paving, a prime coat of oil will be sprayed on the roads to adhere the surface to the existing pavement. Landscape restoration with sod has been suspended until cooler and more favorable conditions allow for placement. Flaggers will be present to direct traffic around paving operations. 

07/07/20: As important parking restrictions have been implemented as part of this project, all resident within the project limits received the following notice today.

In order to have access to the roadway for the upcoming work, on street parking in front of your residence will not be permitted between the hours of 7AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. Temporary signs indicating where parking is NOT permitted will be placed in the parkways. Please follow these signs to avoid having you vehicle relocated by the police department. Wednesday, July 8th, paving operations will begin on the sections of roadway currently down to stone base. It is expected that this operation will be completed by the end of the week. In preparation for this work, the contractor has removed the stone ramps at driveways and replaced them with asphalt ramps. This will ensure access to your residence driveway accept when the paving operation is in front of your residence. Week of July 13th, the contractor will begin paving the final asphalt surface course on all streets. In advance of paving, prime coat (“Fresh Oil”) will be sprayed on the roadway. Fresh Oil signs will be displayed at the end of each street prior to the spraying of the prime coat. If you are driving on a street that has been primed, drive slowly to reduce the tracking of the material onto vehicles. It is expected that it will take 5 days to pave the surface on all of the streets throughout the entire project. Paving operations are weather dependent.

During roadway paving, streets will remain open to 2-way traffic. However, flaggers will be controlling traffic and delays around the paving operations should be expected. Lastly, landscape restoration in parkways is ongoing. The landscape contractor has been placing topsoil and preparing for the installation of sod. Due to the current forecast of high temperatures, the placement of sod has been
suspended until further notice.

07/02/20: This week, Builders Paving completed roadway pavement removal on Vermont Drive, Gibson Lane, Newberry Drive, and Julie Drive. On Tuesday, the full depth reclamation process took place and the entire asphalt roadway was removed.  This reclamation process grounded up the existing roadway’s stone base and added cement to stabilize the material. Beginning next week, the contractor will begin the first lift of new asphalt pavement in locations where the entire roadway pavement is being replaced.  This project is scheduled to be completed by October, and flaggers will be present to direct traffic around construction operations.

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