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Document Retrieval

Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option

Welcome to the new Elk Grove's Online Document Retrieval System.  This system will allow you to search all the Village's ordinances and resolutions as well as the minutes of previous Village Board meetings for references to the topic of your choice.

Click this link to start your search or continue below for more instruction.

When clicking the above link the following screen will appear:


Click on the appropriate folder you wish to start your search on and bring up the following page (Example).  You will be placed in the Browse tab of the search page.  Enter your search terms into the search bar and start your search.

Note that the farther you drill into the folder structure the quicker your search results will be obtained.


Quick Navigation Instructions

Navigate using the folder/document tree on the right side of the WebLink window.
Click through the folders until you find the category that you are looking for by clicking the folder.
When you have accessed the desired folder, you will see a list of files presented.
Just click on the title of your intended document and the image of it will open.
At the top of the navigation page there is a 'breadcrumbs' list showing folder path you are on to aid in navigation.

You can click on any of the 'blue' links to navigate back up the document tree.

At the bottom of a page that has more than one page of items there will be a page option to go to the next page of items: EGVPubWLpg.  Click on the next page, >>, or last to select your pages.

Quick Search Instructions

At the top of the navigation page is the generic search bar: EGVPubWLsb
Browse to the folder you want to start your search and enter your search term into the search bar and click on the magnifying glass icon. EGVPubWLmg

Entering multiple search terms without expressions will bring up all documents as if using an OR expression.  Meaning if you search for 'payable warrant' all documents containing the words payable or warrants will be displayed.

Performing any initial search will change your focus from the Browse tab to the Search tab, where you can start refining your search with advanced functions.  You can always click back on the Browse tab to go back to folder list.   


Basic search expressions
'*' - Wildcards can be used by placing an asterick in front, back or on both sides of the search term. 
Example:  '*port' will bring up all hits with say 'port', 'import' and 'export'.
'Port*' will bring up for instance all hits with words 'port' and 'portable'.  '*port*' will bring up all hits with 'port, portable, import, export, importing, exporting, etc...'

' "" ' - Quotes will search for an exact search string.
Example:  'payable warrant' will only bring up hits that contain that exact string, not with 'payable' AND 'warrant' or 'payable' OR 'warrant'.

'AND' / 'OR' / 'NOT' - Expressions that will search for multiple terms
Example:  'payable' AND 'warrant' will show all hits that contain both words 'payable' and 'warrant' anywhere within the document, not just 'payable warrant'.
Example:  'payable' OR 'warrant' will show hits that contain either word 'payable' or the word 'warrant' anywhere within the document.
Example: 'payable' NOT 'warrant' will show all hits that contain the word 'payable' but does not contain the word 'warrant'.

Quick Document Instructions

Once the document has been selected the document toolbar will appear.  From this toolbar you can change pages, print a document as a PDF file, zoom, stretch and rotate.  Additionally, you can click on the 'View Plain Text' link to see the text that was converted from image to text conversion process.


Note that many of these documents that are presented as a scanned image have also had an automated process run to convert them to text.  Occasionally, some of the converted text may come out as illegible and you will need to flip back to the document image using 'View Image'.