Animal Regulations

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  • PetsAll dogs, cats and ferrets shall be vaccinated against rabies according to the Cook County Animal & Rabies Control Ordinance.
  • Animals are not allowed to run at large.
  • Animals are not allowed to create excessive or untimely noise.
  • Animals must be kept on a leash on any Village street, sidewalk, parkway, or public area. A leash may not be more than 8 feet in length.
  • Residents may not allow any animal to deposit excretory matter on property other than that of the owner. Excretory matter may not be allowed to accumulate on any property, and must be picked up on a timely basis.
  • When walking a dog, a proper receptacle shall be carried to remove any excretory matter. The receptacle must be clearly visible.
  • Animals are not allowed to molest passersby, attack persons or animals, damage or impair the value of property or detrimentally affect the public.

Should you have any questions pertaining to public health matters, please contact the Enivronmental Health Division at (847) 357-4240.  Additionally, should you have any questions pertaining to nuisance animals or animal control, please contact the Police Department at (847) 357-4100.