Fire & Life Safety Plan Review

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Fire and Life Safety Codes

We know that fire safety is a top priority for all Elk Grove Village business owners. The Fire Department is strengthening its fire plan review process to provide a more detailed code compliant review. Following is some information regarding the International Fire Code 2012 edition and relevant Village policies.

Permits required. Any property owner or authorized agent who intends to conduct an operation or business, or install or modify systems and equipment regulated by the fire code code, or to cause any such work to be done, shall first make an application to the Village and obtain the required permit.

Application. Permit applications are available at the Community Development Department. Application for a permit requiring review by the fire code official will be forwarded to the Fire Department. Applications for permits shall be accompanied by not less than five (5) copies of specifications and plans.

Required Plans. Plans, drawings, specifications and calculations shall meet the architectural, mechanical, structural and electrical requirements of the code. Plans shall specifically show design live loads and occupant capacities for all spaces and floors. Plans shall have the seal and signature of a registered architect, structural, or professional engineer pursuant to the statutes of the State of Illinois. The plans shall be drawn to scale, with sufficient clarity, and detailed dimensions showing the nature and character of the work to be performed.

Refusal to issue permit. If the application for a permit describes a use that does not conform to the requirements of the fire code and other pertinent laws and ordinances, the fire code official shall not issue a permit, but shall return the application to the applicant with a notice of refusal containing the reason(s) for refusal.

Occupancy prohibited before approval. The building or structure shall not be occupied prior to the fire code official issuing a permit and conducting associated inspections indicating the applicable provisions of the fire code have been met.

We understand that this may require the submission of additional information not previously required. Your cooperation is appreciated.  Thank you for helping us keep Elk Grove Village exceptionally fire-safe!