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You may find this surprising, but most burglaries to a vehicle involve no forced entry.  Unlike what is portrayed on television and in the movies, kicked in doors, pulled locks and smashed windows are not the norm.  Thieves prefers to work in the quiet and will walk down entire blocks looking for an open car door instead of just breaking glass.  Criminals are taking advantage of the tendency of vehicle owners to leave a key or fob inside their cars or nearby in a garage. The thieves then use this stolen vehicle to target another area or return to the community they live in.

Ultimately, crime is driven by three elements, Desire, Ability and Opportunity. As all of us are potential victims, we can do little regarding a criminal’s desire and ability to commit a crime, but we certainly can help diminish their opportunity.  Simply locking the doors of your vehicle can help prevent yourself from becoming a victim. We recommend that you participate in the 9 p.m. Routine by running through the following mental checklist every evening before 9 p.m.:

1. Remove valuables from vehicle

2. Lock vehicle’s doors

3. Close garage

4. Lock exterior doors

5. Turned on exterior lights

The Elk Grove Village Police Department encourages all residents and visitors to participate in the 9 p.m. Routine.  By practicing these simple steps, we can work together to reduce crime and stop it before it even occurs.