TestMyTeen Program

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The Elk Grove Village Police Department has joined with TestMyTeen to provide parents with an effective means to test their teens for drug use/abuse through a FREE home drug test initiative. Through our DARE programs, we have tried to educate kids to "just say no" to drugs. Even great kids can make poor decisions and sometimes parents have tough questions to ask their children. 

For years, police have been the first to know when local kids used drugs while their parents were often the last to know. In an effort to help answer parents questions and concerns, TestMyTeen has provided the Elk Grove Village Police Department with $5000.00 worth of FREE at home drug test vouchers.

 Parents must go to their website and:

1. Go to the Products page. 
2. Add a single Noble Medical 10 panel drug test kit to your cart from the Products page. 
3. Click on the "Update Prices" button. 
4. Enter the discount code of 4W5D4. 
5. Finish your transaction and you will be sent an e-mail confirmation.

The test kit is mailed in non-descriptive packaging to protect privacy. Again, parents must include the discount code of 4W5D4 to obtain their FREE 10 panel drug test kit. All they pay for is shipping and handling.

If a teen does test positive, parents can contact the Elk Grove Village Police Department Social Services Section at 847-357-4124. Our Social Worker is available to meet with parents privately and provide assistance and referrals if necessary.