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Water Meter Upgrade

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Water Meter Upgrade Project 

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Water Meter Upgrade Update March 21, 2020 - Program Postponed 

Following the Governor of Illinois's “stay at home” order for the State of Illinois the Village's Water Meter Upgrade project has been postponed until further notice. The Village's contractors, Siemens and PMI, are working to contact residents to cancel appointments scheduled over the next several weeks.

Click Here to view the Water Meter Upgrade Project mailed to residents the week of January 6.

Elk Grove Village is embarking on a program that will replace about 10,600 manual read water meters with new radio read meters.  The modern meters will replace older, mechanical units with new technology that will help identify high water usage and potential leaks.  The new meters will result in smarter water use for customers, and enhanced water conservation opportunities.

The new meters and remote will automatically transmit data wirelessly and eliminate the need for Village staff to manually read each meter.  This allows the Village to operate more efficiently and reduce costs by preventing recording errors and eliminating time-consuming manual meter reading.

The Village has awarded a contract to Siemens Industry, Inc. to perform this meter upgrade. The installer will need to access your home to replace the meter.  Siemens will reach out and work with residents and businesses to arrange a convenient appointment time to complete this task.

When will the Village begin installing new meters?

Installation will begin in early 2020 (Late January/Early February 2020).  The installations will be staggered throughout the community over several months.  The Village will provide further communications in the coming months regarding scheduling appointments for your new meter.

Why is Elk Grove Village installing and modernizing water meters?

Water meters across the Village have approached the American Water Works Association’s recommended lifecycle.  As the current mechanical water meters age, they may slow down and their accuracy in registering water consumption decreases.   The planned water meter modernization will replace all water meters in the Village to achieve both technological and customer service benefits.

As an additional benefit, the new meters can provide leak alerts, allowing customers to avoid possibly extensive water charges due to their leaking plumbing, faucets, or toilet fixtures.

Do you have to enter my home/business to change my water meter?

Yes. Due to freezing temperatures in the winter, all meters are installed within the home or business. Most homes have a device for remote reading access on the outside of the home that will also be changed as part of this project.

Will my water bill change?

The water rate you pay will not change as part of this project. Every water customer with the older manual read meters will receive a new water meter at no charge. 

Once fully implemented, the new water meters will allow customers to be billed for actual water used during each billing cycle instead of being billed in 1,000 gallon increments, as with the current system. Each billing cycle, you will be billed for the water you used since receiving your last bill. Your bill could increase or decrease depending on how much water you actually use.

Please call (866) 931-2199 if you have additional questions.

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