Beisner Right-of-Way Storm Sewer Improvement

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Project Overview

The Village will be replacing the existing 48”- 54” corrugated metal Pipe lying within the Beisner right-of-way from just south of Wellington Ave to Bristol Ln this summer. This work will require the partial closure of Beisner Rd and Bristol Ln intersection.

Project Start: July 2018
Anticipated Completion: June 2019
Contractor: Acqua Contractors Corp. (Click Here for Bid Tab)

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Beisner Right-of-Way Storm Sewer Improvement Location

Beisner ROW Loation

Project Update - November 29, 2018

The contractor completed the concrete and pavement restoration prior to the snow event on November 25 & 26. With winter coming early this year, the project has been suspended. Once the snow melts, the contractor will be back to place a temporary erosion control blanket. Next spring, sod installation and punch-list items will be completed.

Project Update - November 21, 2018

The contractor continued with fine grading and laying of the sod rolls this week. Concrete restoration also continued this week.  The week of November 25, the contractor should complete the pavement restoration, weather permitting. 

Project Update - November 29, 2018 

Due to the wet conditions, the contractor will continue with the placement of topsoil and laying of the sod rolls the week of November 12. In addition, the roadway restoration work was pushed back to the week of November 12.

Project Update - November 2, 2018

The contractor continues with the placement of topsoil while also beginning to lay large sod rolls (2.5’x 90’). Roadway restoration work is anticipated to begin the week of November 5th.

Project Update - October 26, 2018

The contractor began topsoil placement at 1099 Cheltenham Rd and will continue north toward Bristol Lane. Grading operations will continue this week with anticipation of sod placement by early next week.

Project Update - October 15, 2018   

The week of October 8th, Acqua Contractors continued the rough grading and hauling of excess soil from the site in preparation for grading and the landscape restoration.

Project Update - October 1, 2018  

AT&T has completed their relocation work. Construction activities will resume on Monday, October 1 with the removal of existing storm sewer north of Wellington Avenue.

Project Update - September 20, 2018  

To date, construction of the storm sewer replacement within the Beisner Road right-of-way between the Clover Hill Condominiums and the Cheltenham Road homes has progressed accordingly to the anticipated schedule. We are pleased to announce that the new 54" concrete storm sewer pipe has been installed and is now functioning.

During the early phase of construction, an unknown fiber optic utility cable was discovered along the existing sewer alignment. In effort to ensure the project continued to move forward without interruption, the Village worked with the utility company to relocate the cable prior to the removal of the existing sewer. The relocation of the AT&T fiber optic cable has unfortunately been met with delays and will not be completed within the desired timeframe.

Currently, AT&T anticipates their work to be completed by the end of September. Acqua Contractors will return as soon as the relocation is completed to begin the removal of the existing storm sewer pipe, installation of the rear yard inlets, grading and shaping of the ditch/swale, the replacement of curb, sidewalk and pavement, and placement of the sod. Construction is now targeted to be completed by late November 2018.

The contractor has suspended all construction activities and will inspect the entire site to ensure it is secure. During the delay and while AT&T completes their work, the site will be maintained in a safe condition.

Project Update - August 31, 2018 

The contractor, Acqua Contractors, has completed the installation of the new 54” culvert pipe. In addition, the final connection to the Township’s storm sewer lift station was made this week. The system is now fully functional.   

Project Update - August 30, 2018 

On August 30th and 31st from 7:00am to 5:00pm the intersection of Beisner Road and Bristol Lane will be reduced to one lane. Please note, traffic will only be permissible in one direction at a time during this lane reduction.

Flaggers will alternate between southbound and northbound traffic. Traffic delays are anticipated, it is recommended to seek alternate routes during the lane reduction.

Project Update - August 27, 2018 

The contractor, Acqua Contractors, has installed the new 54” culvert pipe up to the rear of 1012 Cheltenham Road.  Rain slowed the projects progress the week of August 20. The week of August 27 the contractor will work on connecting the new culverts to the existing culverts at both ends, weather pending.

Project Update - August 17, 2018 

The contractor, Acqua Contractors, has continued moving north and has reached the mid-block of Cheltenham Road (1099 Cheltenahm Rd). It is anticipated that the contractor will reach Beisner Road by the end of next week, weather pending.

Project Update - August 15, 2018 


This contract began the installation of the 54” storm sewer pipe.  The installation began by placing the first 8-foot manhole structure in the right-of-way south of Wellington Ave.  The contractor is now working immediately north of Wellington Ave.

The daytime road closure on Wellington Avenue has been lifted. The roadway and sidewalk along the south side of Wellington Ave will remain open until the removal of the old storm sewer pipe begins.   

Project Update - August 6, 2018 

Wellington Road Closed (Between Cheltenham Rd & Clover Hill Ln) - Beisner Right of Way Storm Sewer Improvement Project.

The weather has made site conditions unfavorable at the Biesner Right of Way Storm Sewer Improvement Project. To ensure public safety, Wellington Avenue has been closed between Cheltenham Rd and Clover Hill Ln.  The road will be reopened later today. To access Clover Hill Court, please use Leeds Lane to Montego Drive to Clover Hill Lane.

Additionally, Wellington Avenue will be closed daily between Cheltenham Rd and Clover Hill Ln Tuesday, August 7th through Thursday, August 9th.  During this time, the contractor will install the storm sewer pipe across Wellington Avenue.  The road will be reopened each evening after operations have be completed for the day. 

Project Update - July 31, 2018

On Monday, July 30, the contractor began the tree removal operation for storm sewer replacement within the Beisner Road right-of-way between the Clover Hill Condominiums and the Cheltenham Road homes. We apologize for not updating the website and communicating to residents ahead of the tree removals.

Later this week, the contractor will install orange snow fence and/or black erosion control fence around the project area. The installation of the new storm sewer is scheduled to begin on Friday, August 3.  The contractor will start at the southern end of the project, in the area immediately south of Wellington Avenue, and will work north towards Bristol Lane.  A temporary daytime road closure, of Wellington Avenue, will be required when the storm sewer is installed across the roadway. During this time a detour route will be posted. The removal and installation of the storm sewer is scheduled to be completed by the middle of September.  Upon completion of the entire storm sewer installation, landscape restoration work will begin. This work will be completed by October 19.