Clearmont Drive Water Main Replacement

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Project Overview

The Village will be replacing the existing water main along Clearmont Drive from Carswell Avenue to Tonne Road. The project includes the installation of a new 12” water main, residential service connections, pavement patching, and landscape restoration. The project is anticipated to begin construction this fall.

Project Start: September 2019
Anticipated Completion: November 2019
Contractor: Suburban General Construction (Click Here for Bid Tab).

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Clearmont Drive Water Main Replacement
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Clearmont Water Main Map 

Project Updates September 2019

Beginning the week of September 12, Suburban General Construction will begin the Clearmont Drive Water Main Improvement. This project will repair the deteriorated water main on Clearmont Drive from Hemlock Drive to Tonne Road.  The contractor will start at Hemlock and work East installing the new water main in the south half of the roadway pavement. This project will be completed by Mid-November.

Previous Updates

The following notice was delivered to residents within the construction area the week of September 2, 2019.

Beginning the week of September 9, the Village will begin a water main replacement project on Clearmont Drive from Hemlock Drive to Tonne Road.  The existing water main is being replaced due to its age and history of water main breaks.  This notice is intended to provide you with the general scope and timeline of the project.   

Beginning September 9, the contractor will mobilize to the job with new water main pipe, valves, and fire hydrants.  The new water main will be installed in the existing roadway, which will leave a drivable stone trench in the pavement during construction.  The Contractor will work from Hemlock Drive towards Tonne Road.  As construction progresses, the road will remain open to two-way local traffic only, however delays could be encountered due to machinery working.      

Upon completion of the new water main in the roadway, the new main will be tested and chlorinated to Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) standards.  Once the new water main has passed all testing, we will place the new water main in service and transfer your home’s water service from the old water main onto the new water main.  During this transfer process, your house will be without water for approximately 4-6 hours.  A notice will be delivered to your door the day before any scheduled water shut offs are to occur, and the notice will give you a time that the water will be shut off.  Also as part of this project, the Contractor will be replacing all water service shut off valves for all homes located within the project.  This valve is typically located in your parkway or on the house side of the public sidewalk.  If the existing shut off valve is in your driveway apron or sidewalk, that concrete will need to be removed and replaced to facilitate the replacement of the water shut off valve.   

After all homes are transferred to the new water main, the old water main will be abandoned.  Old fire hydrants and water valves will be removed once they are no longer needed.  It is at this point that  restoration of any disturbed curb, sidewalk, or driveway aprons will begin.  After the concrete work is cured, the roadway will have the stone trench patched will hot-mix asphalt.  Finally, parkways will be restored with topsoil and sod at the completion of the project.  We anticipate the project to be completed by Mid-November.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during the vital infrastructure improvement.  If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Public Works Department at 847-734-8800.