Fire Hydrant Painting

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Project Overview

Since 2017, the Village has annually painted between 400 - 600 fire hydrant. Each year, the primary focus is to paint fire hydrants along streets that are being resurfaced as part of the Village's annual street maintenance program. Additionally, over the last two few years of the Fire Hydrant Painting Program, the Village focused on restoring hydrants alongside the Village's primary streets. With the primary streets having been completed during the last painting cycle, the Village is now focusing on painting the remaining hydrants throughout the Village, working from the west end of the village towards the east end.

During the painting process the contractor power washes the hydrant prior to sandblasting and finally applying a new application of paint.

Project Start: March 2019
Anticipated Completion: May 2019
Contractor: Alpha Paint Works 

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Fire Hydrant Painting Locations
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