Care for Newly Planted Trees

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Care for Newly Planted Parkway Trees

The newly planted parkway tree will need special care during the next few years.  Our combined efforts will ensure proper establishment and healthy growth of the parkway tree. 

Please note that the transplanting procedure is traumatic to a tree, and many trees may demonstrate symptoms of shock including withered leaves or leaf loss. 

Public Works crews will be adding watering bags to the newly planted tree.  They will be filled about once a week for the first year by our crews.  Please do not water the tree during the first year as overwatering may be harmful to the tree.

The second year residents are encouraged to take part in our tree watering program.  Residents are offered a $25 credit on their water bill to fill a tree bag once each week. Find out more about the program here.

When the tree was planted, mulch was put around the base of the tree.  Mulch helps retain soil moisture and moderate temperature extremes that can affect root growth.  The use of mulch also prevents damage from lawn mowers and string trimmers.  Mulch volcanoes, decorative rock, and plastic weed barriers cause damage to young trees and should be avoided.

Lawn mowers and string trimmers need to be kept away from the trunks of trees.  Repetitive damage to the bark will lead to tree death.  Also, careful application of weed treatments is advised.  Spray drift and excessive use can cause severe damage to tree foliage and roots.

Transplant Shock - Transplant shock is fairly common in newly transplanted trees. Researchers have found that a tree can lose as much as 90% of its root system when it is removed from the nursery. This causes a great deal of stress on the plant as it is tries to reestablish itself. Research has shown that approximately one year of recovery is needed for every inch of tree diameter. Water is probably the most important element in caring for new trees. Since a newly transplanted tree has not extended its roots into the existing soil, adequate moisture needs to reach the root ball.

Thank you for your assistance in maintaining the Village’s urban forest.  If you have any questions please call Public Works at (847)734-8800.  You may also visit for additional information.