2019 Tree Watering Program

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Working Together to Keep Young Parkway Trees Healthy: Tree Watering Program

Thank you for your interest in the Village’s new parkway Tree Watering Program. This is a voluntary program available to residents who had a parkway tree replaced during Spring 2018/Fall 2018. The program provides a $25 credit on your water bill in exchange for assisting the Public Works Department by watering your parkway tree.

Public Works crews will place a tree bag on your tree. You will then need to add water to the tree bag twice per week. This is roughly the equivalent of 40 gallons of water over the course of the program.

Your $25 credit will appear on you water bill in September/October, after the program has completed.

To participate in the program contact the Public Works Department at (847) 734-8067 or fill out a request form online by clicking here.

How to Take Care of Your Young Parkway Tree Using a Tree Bag in Four Easy Steps

Step 1 - Public Works crews will install the tree watering bag on your young parkway tree. The bag installs easily-just place it at the base of the tree and zipper it up.

Tree Watering Step 1 

Step 2 - Once installed, the tree bag will need to be filled with water. To find the opening, lift up on the manufacturer’s informational tag located at the top of the bag. Insert a standard garden hose and begin to fill with water. 

 Tree Watering Step 2

Step 3 - Fill the tree bag approximately one-fourth full, and then pull up on the handles located at the top. Pull the bag up slightly off the ground and then set the bag back down. This will ensure that the bag sits flat at the tree base.

 Tree Watering Step 3

Step 4  - Once the tree bag is full, the water will drain out slowly over the next 8 to 24 hours. It will need to be filled twice per week, weather permitting. Do not fill more than twice per week or add any chemicals to the water (i.e. fertilizer). Keep watering the tree bag until mid-October, at which time Public Works crews will return to remove the tree bag.

Tree Watering Step 4