PPCRP Frequently Asked Questions

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PPCRP Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace only my curb to eliminate the 'bump' at the end of my driveway apron?
No.  Construction of a new depressed curb along the entire length of the driveway apron and replacement of the driveway apron is required to eliminate the 'bump' at the end of the driveway.

Is the Village responsible for the sidewalk that goes across my driveway?
No. Village code dictates that the sidewalk across a private driveway is part of the driveway apron.  The sidewalk is constructed as a single pour with the entire driveway apron and is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain.  If you replace your apron as part of the PPCRP program, the sidewalk across your driveway will also be replaced.  Further, you cannot just replace the sidewalk across your driveway as part of this program. 

Will the Village pay 50 percent of the concrete work?
No. The property owner is responsible for 100% of the cost of the requested work. The Village oversees the administration and material testing for the concrete work.

What is the cost for the concrete work?
The Village will measure the requested work and provide you with a cost proposal based on contract unit bid prices. The following information is provided as a general guide for expected replacement costs.


Item Unit
 Unit Cost
One Car Wide Driveway (10')   Two Car Wide Driveway (20')
 Driveway Apron
Square Yard
 $1,075  $1,925
 Curb  Foot  $33.00  $500  $850

*Permit fees are $40.00 for the driveway apron and an additional $30.00 if you are replacing the curb.

Can my driveway apron have a decorative finish?
No. Driveway aprons constructed under this program must be concrete with no special finishes.

Can I widen or change the shape of my driveway apron as part of this program?
No. Driveway aprons cannot be widened or have their shape modified as part of the PPCRP program.  Driveway aprons may only be removed and replaced in kind, and the apron width must match the private driveway width.   

I would like my driveway apron completed prior to a specific date?
The contractor has established unit prices based on completing driveway aprons within one section of the Village at a time. This provides for a more efficient operation and results in lower contract unit costs. Therefore, it is not feasible to honor specific time requests for concrete work. The contractor will schedule work to take place between  May 13th and June 14th. You will be notified 48-hours in advance of the contractor preforming the work.

Will the contractor replace my driveway on private property?
No.  Driveways, sidewalks, patios and other concrete work located on private property are not included in the program.