Sanitary Sewer Backup

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What to do if your sewer backs-up

Before calling a plumber, take a few minutes to analyze the situation. Below is a flow chart and definitions to help you analyze (and possibly resolve) the situation:

Drain Flow 


  • Water backing-up: when no water is being used, water is coming out of the drain.
  • Water not draining: water does not go down the drain, but water does not come
    out of drain.
  • Sanitary service: the sewer line that runs from the home to the sewer main. The service
    line is the responsibility of the resident from the sewer main to the home.
  • Sewer main: the sewer line that collects the sewage from the services. This line is
    the Village's responsibility

The Department of Public Works maintains personnel on a 24-hour basis, every day of the
year on an "on-call" basis. If you need a plumber, we suggest that you make a few phone
calls. You should compare prices, guarantees, availability and experience. Also, make
sure that the plumber you choose is licensed to work in Elk Grove Village.