Residential Rear Yard Drainage Program

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Project Overview

This project helps residents alleviate rear-yard flooding at locations that the Public Works Department has evaluated as requiring additional storm sewer.  The contractor will be installing new inlets and underdrain pipe, as well as regrading yards to achieve proper drainage that has been lost over the years.  There are 4 locations included in this year’s program, 1403-1451 James Way, 929-1121 Carswell Avenue, 48-82 Evergreen Street, and 503-513 Ridgewood Road.

Project Start: October 2019
Anticipated Completion: Spring 2020
Contractor: Prime Construction Inc. (Click Here for Bid Tab)

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Rear Yard Drainage Locations
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Proposed Residential Drainage


Project Updates October 2019

Prime Construction has completed pipe installation on first area of the 2019 Rear-Yard Drainage Improvement.  The first location completed was behind 1403-1451 James Way.  The contractor will be working on restoration at area #1 next week before jumping to the next location, behind 48-82 Evergreen Street.  The Contractor will work until weather no longer permits in November and then will return to finish the project in spring when weather permits. 

Previous Construction Updates

Prime Construction began work on the 2019 Rear-Yard Drainage Improvement program the week of September 30, despite the wet conditions. The Contractor will complete the James Way work first, and then plans to move to Evergreen Street.  The Contractor will work until by Mid-November, and then will return to finish the project in spring when weather permits.