Residential Street Light Sandblasting & Painting

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Project Overview

This summer the Village will begin sandblasting & painting its residential street lights.

The Village has hired a company from Mount Prospect, BP & T Company, to perform the work. The contractor has started working in the southwest portion of the Village and will continue to work through the Village as weather and time allows. The contractor’s crews will work Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm.

The sandblasting & painting process takes several days to complete. Prior to the sandblasting beginning, containment and scaffolding are setup around the street light (pictured below).  Once finished sandblasting, the paint primer is applied and then a top coat application. This process will be dusty and noisy at times, but when the job is completed, the protection for the light should be excellent. The street light will not be functioning during the sandblasting & painting process but will be returned to service as soon as the work has been completed.

Any street name signs, displaced during the sandblasting & painting, will be placed on temporary posts. After the paint has fully cured, a Village crew will re-install the street name signs.

The painting process is costly and can be damaged by taping signs or notices to the painted surfaces. Please DO NOT tape any signs for garage sales, open houses, lost pets, etc. to any Village street lights.

If you have questions please contact the Public Works Department at 847-734-8800.

Project Start: June 2018
Anticipated Completion: September 2019
Contractor: BP & T Company (Painting Area A Bid Tab & Painting Area B Bib Tab)

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Street Light Paiting Example

Project UpdateNovember 2018

The Project has been put on hold for the remainder of the winter season.  The project will resume in the Spring of 2019 as soon as weather permits.

Past Updates

The contractor BP & T Company has painted 490 streetlights. They are currently working south of Biesterfield Road and west of Arlington Heights Road.

The Village’s contractor has finished sandblasting and painting street light poles west of I-290 and has now begun working east of the interstate.  

Although the contractor has completed restoring the poles, a number of street sign frames still need to be restored.  While the Village awaits the restoration of the decorative street sign frames, temporary frames have been hung in their place.  Look for the restored black frames to be hung in the next 4 – 6 weeks.