Raymond R. Rummel, Village ManagerIn 1965, the Council-Manager form of government was established in Elk Grove Village. This form of government combines the leadership and policy-making skills of elected officials with the professional administrative training of the Village Manager.

Under this popular form of government, the elected representatives establish policies steering the Village's purpose, values, mission, and goals. It is the role of the Village Manager to implement those policies in an efficient and effective manner.

The Mayor and Board of Trustees appoint the Village Manager based upon the individual education, skills, talent, and experience of the candidate. The Village Manager is vested with the authority to hire employees (except for certain Police and Fire personnel), prepare the annual budget, and manage the day-to-day affairs of the municipal departments.

The mission of the Village Manager is to deliver the highest quality municipal services through leadership, professionalism, innovation, and accountability. A well-organized and professionally managed community clearly contributes to maintaining a high quality of life.

The staff in the Village Manager's office is charged with a wide variety of duties. Among these duties are economic development, community relations, coordination of special projects, special events, general communication (newsletter and website), and personnel. In addition, it provides staff support to various boards, commissions and committees, and Village Board agenda preparation.

Please feel free to contact Village Manager Raymond R. Rummel or a member of the professional staff in the Village Manager's Office if you need assistance with any Village related matter. We can be reached at (847) 357-4010.