Appliance Pick Up

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Large Appliance (White Goods) Pick Up

In July of 1994, the State of Illinois banned the disposal of large appliances (white goods) from all state landfills. These appliances contain chlorofluorocarbon refrigerant gases (Freon), insulating foam, PCBs and/or mercury (in switches) which can harm the environment if placed in a landfill. In addition, they also contain numerous metals and a steel shell which can also be recycled. 

State law prohibits the disposal of appliances in landfills. A separate truck will collect appliances on your regularly scheduled pick day.

Please call Waste Management at (800) 796-9696 to schedule a pick-up at $40.00 per item.

The following items are accepted:

Washer                                    Freezer                                 Dishwasher  
Stove                                      Dehumidifier                          Air conditioner
Furnace                                   Hot water heater
Dryer                                       Refrigerator

Please note: Appliance pickup services do charge a fee to dispose of old/unwanted large appliances.

Many appliance dealers will also take away your old appliance for free or for a nominal charge.